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Can’t believe the big day finally came – off to the States for 7 months to indulge myself in all things football, Starbucks and all the cheap things I can get my hands on!

Saying goodbye to family and friends was really tough. I haven’t had much time to think about how long I’ll be gone for, but thinking “oh, I’ll be back next year and see you” really hits you hard when you say goodbye! Love everyone back home, hope you all miss your favourite midget!

It’s been stressful racing through customs and border security, but I’m happy to say I’m not going to be deported (phew!). Everyone has been lovely at border security though, thumbs up for the Americans, who seem friendly unlike the Australian guys on TV. I even think the mixture of husky voice (damn you cold) and Aussie accent turns some heads. It must be nice for the guys at Honolulu International Airport to see a foreigner rather than an American stuffing his face with fried food which I’m currently surrounded by!

For anyone flying from Sydney to Honolulu – never fly on the Boeing 747, an atrocious experience. I had to wait 3 hours for food and ate at midnight! Not to mention the seats are teeny tiny (even for a little person) and the complimentary headphones are the most shocking thing I’ve ever had to put on my ears. Still couldn’t hear with max volume! Also…try not to sit behind old people in planes, they put the seats right back, meaning my iPod screen was quite literally touching my nose :|

Not much happening on my first day, arriving in LA pretty late and then going to my hostel in Hollywood to have my first sleep over 8 hours for the last 5 weeks! Thank you exams for my massive sleep debt, have the next 7 months to catch up on it though!

What I’m loving so far:
- all the American accents (I feel so out of place)
- Starbucks is a new experience
- Chillen at Honolulu airport – the landscape is so beautiful!
- Staying stingy and refusing to break my $50 US notes – I will not buy fast food and return as a fatty next year!
- spilt OJ on myself on the plane – natural perfume?
- Old people putting the seat back in economy class
- Americans are either really fat (as in can't do the plane buckle over their flab, or really huge in terms of muscle)
- No one can understand me :|
- everyone drives massive black SUV type cars that I've never seen before
- Driving on the wrong side of the road is confusing

Sorry no photos yet, hopefully I can upload some soon!
Bester out!

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