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Got dropped off in a seedy suburb and I'm still alive.

Day 7 - Greyhound buses suck.

Today is a massive travel day for me! Had another homemade granola at the Finch & Fork – couldn’t leave without having the greatest breakfast again in the world! Said goodbye to the whole extended family who has invited us to stay in Singapore/all over America anytime that we find ourselves travelling across the world – which I’m sure will be soon!

Buns and co couldn’t fit me in the car to drop me off at the station – the freedom mobile is chockers with luggage! But I had a nice stroll down State Street – took me about 15 min with my heavy pack on to make it to the bus station! Booked my bus ticket back to LA in the morning with Greyhound bus company – I do not know where to start…

So I rock up at the bus station – the office is closed till 1:30pm, so I have to wait a hour to pick up my ticket and then another hour before I could get on the bus. Amtrak would not store my bags for me because I wasn’t an Amtrak passenger and Greyhound would only store it for an extra fee – screw that, that extra fee is my next meal! Hahah (no mum I’m not starving – just eating thriftily!) The bus stop looks quite sketchy, people chilling outside smoking. Decided that I didn’t want to walk around the waterfront with my 14kg pack so I sat in the sun catching some rays before heading to SF (which is like a max of 19 degrees in summer and raining).


Used the bathroom in the greyhound bus terminal – looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for years and the toilet even had blood on it. I reckon the Greyhound bus terminal toilet is somewhere you could easily stab someone and no one would know. Luckily I made it out alive and boarded the bus for a lovely 3 hour journey back to LA with some of the sketchiest people I’ve seen in my life – don’t worry mum I’m fine!

The bus was a hour late thanks to LA traffic. Looking around, the Greyhound terminal was in the sketchiest area of LA, amongst the ‘Warehouse district’ – a tonne of homeless people were walking around, lots of dangerous looking Hispanic people. No where on the Greyhound website did it say that they weren’t dropping us off at Union station, which by now was a 3km walk away. With my surroundings and situation I decided that I felt unsafe walking down the Warehouse District with a 14kg bright red backpack on screaming out to everyone “Hey look at me I’m a tourist, steal my stuff and please stab me while you’re at it”. I begrudgingly hopped into a cab and paid my $10 to drop me off 3km away at the train station where I am now sitting in the secure lounge.

Already in a bad mood from all my agonising bus travel today sitting right next to the bus toilet (it had a beautiful aromatic smell) – I walked over to Philippe’s the Original which claims to have invented the ‘french dipped sandwich’. It was recommended to me by some of Kent’s family so I decided what the heck – spend some money and buy food tourist style. So off I went 500m down the road in LA downtown with my backpack on trying not to look like a tourist. The place was quite cool but I thought it was overpriced for what I got – I’m still quite hungry but it cost me 7.60 so I can’t be bothered finding more sustenance. I should’ve just gone to the diner down the road and gotten a $4 classic burger which has 1200 calories in it (that sure is sustenance for me…almost a whole day of calorie intake in one burger! Value for money…only need to eat once a day! Hahahah)

So here I am, sitting at Union Station for the next 3 hours waiting for my 11:30pm departure with MegaBus up to San Francisco. LA has welcomed me with open arms but it is definitely not a place I have fallen in love with. I think I just want to pack my bags and run out of LA and head off to more greenery and somewhere less urban jungle!


- French dipped sandwiches are quite nice
- I’m getting heaps more fit! Walking around so much has definitely made my pants size drop a wee bit and my backpack doesn’t feel as heavy anymore! Everyone was so astounded to see me walking around with this huge pack!
- Saw two guys on a LA freeway have a huge fist fight – ON A FREEWAY! – Classic LA

- Never using Greyhound again, shocking shocking shocking
- The amount of high calorie food – a healthy person’s nightmare

Observations: Most of LA is actually safe, police seem to jump onto any opportunity that may arise. What makes LA look so dangerous is that it is dangerous looking. The area where I was was surrounded by dark looking buildings and not much colour or greenery. So while LA might not look safe to a tourist’s eye, I’m sure it actually is.

Bester out!

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