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Days 10, 11 and 12

Okay, I know I’ve been really bad with updating the blog, but with the amount of driving, flying and poor internet I’ve had over the last couple days it’s a miracle that I can even update atm! Currently sitting on a plane on my way to Palenque, rural Mexico – hopefully I’ll get some good quality internet there but pooping money is probably more likely.

Days 10, 11 and 12 was pretty much a whole lot of driving! We drove from San Fran to Groveland (just outside Yosemite National Park – pretty much the first ever national park in the world – it is absolutely spectacular!). We stayed at this redneck small town in a hotel - a guy with a long beard stared at as as we walked past the "Saloon". It looked like we stepped into the 1800s! There were a whole range of creepy teddy bears in the room – I opted to sleep on the air mattress which was a hell of a lot more comfy than the beds – which in this country seems to be built for people who like to jump up into bed because I literally need a stepping block to get into bed – they are so high off the ground!

The next day we spent the whole day at Yosemite National Park. After packing the camera and my bathers in the bag we got into the car and did a 20 minute drive towards the park. Got out to take a couple of photos and both Declan and I thought that we left the bag with the camera back at the hotel, so for the whole day we spent our time in this beautiful park without a top notch camera – bit disappointing since it was actually in the car the whole day, we just didn't realise! We ate at this old school luxurious lodge and continued the day looking at the giant sequoia trees which (correct me if I’m wrong) are the largest trees in the world. Since it was over 30 degrees we cooled off in a small river with Declan and Kent diving after fish and running around with the GoPro – hopefully I can get some footage up! The photos of Yosemite really do not do it justice – it’s a beautiful place and we didn’t even see all of it! You can easily spend a couple of days here – lots of hiking opportunities. It was a really long day, absolutely exhausted so the long drive back to Groveland I fell asleep on Declan.

The next day we headed off to Bakersfield just outside LA to have a scheduled rest stop. The highways are pretty windy and they look ugly because they are made of concrete and not asphalt like back home. Stayed at a nice hotel in Bakersfield and pretty much just slept the whole time. Apparently I had fallen asleep and in the process kept farting in my sleep – I didn’t know this was possible but it was quite funny because Declan and Raph were both awake when I was doing it.

Ate dinner at this classic country style bar – an American dude bought us 3 beers which was super nice – it helps to be Australian in this country hahah

Not too much happened these last few days, mostly just chill and lots of walking – still getting really fit!

- washed my clothes in a sink with shampoo, hand soap and hot water
- some of my shirts still smell bad because I washed it in dirty sock water…great
- Americans love Australians
- Lots of Americans seem to love roadtripping with caravans
- Service is pretty high standard here…apparently waiters legally earn 2.50 a hour but make up the rest in tips…I earn 31.90 back home!

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